Facts & Trivia

Test your knowledge on sexual orientation and gender identity by participating in this quiz.

 1.      The provincial legislation that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation is called the ________________.   (The Human Rights Code)

 2.      True or false.  People who claim to be bisexual have just not made up their mind whether they are gay or straight.  (False)

 3.      True or false.  Homosexuality is hereditary.   (False)

 4.      True or false. Associated with gay people, may change your sexual orientation. (False)

 5.      True or false.  You can tell if someone is gay. (False)

 6.      True or false.  Homosexuality is just a phase teens go through. (False)

 7.      True or false.  Lesbians don’t need to worry about safe sex because they are having sex with women.  (False)

 8.      True or false. 50% of lesbian and gay youth experience suicidal thoughts.  (True)

 9.      The Rainbow Youth, York Region Group meets on what night?  (Monday)

 10.  The average number of years that it takes for a person to come out is _____ years.  (6)

 11.  The alternative school in Toronto for gay youth who have experienced harassment in their own high school is called:

a.       The Rainbow Program

b.      The Pride Program

c.       The Triangle Program  (correct answer)

 12. True or false. Gay bashing is the most underreported hate crime.  (True)

 13.  True or false.  Bisexuals experience discrimination only from straight people.  (False)

 14. True or false. In a 1996 North American study, approximately, 20-40% of homeless youth are lesbian/gay or bisexual (LGB).  (True)

 15. True or false.  In a 1996 North American study (by who), 75% of students were harassed because of their perceived sexual orientation was heterosexual.  (True)

 16. True or false.  Children raised by gay parents are no more likely to have psychological problems that those raised in more conventional circumstances.  (True)

 17. In a 1991 study, the percentage of LGB youth who felt alone with no one to talk to was:

(a)    20%

(b)   95%  (correct answer)

(c)    80%

(d)   50%

18.  True or false.  Bisexuals have a 50/50 attraction to men and women. (False)

19.  True or false.  97% of students in high school report hearing homophobic remarks from their peers. (True)

 20.  When a person “comes out” he/she is said to be coming out of:

a)      the house

b)      the school

c)      the closet  (correct answer)

d)     the neighbourhood